Help and links to help you maximize the impact of the technology available to you, and reduce the stress of making it happen.

Each of the people working with technology have different areas of responsibility, so it may not be the most efficient use of time for them to try to fix a classroom technology issue.  Filling out the problem form ensures that the right person will be sent for the right jobs.

Procedure for accessing tech support:

  1. Go to
  2. Put in your username and password
  3. Fill out the form as completely as possible
  4. One of the techs will be assigned to your problem and will fix it as soon as they are able

Please do not:

  • Email or call any tech directly, except as a follow-up to having the problem solved or when requested
  • Call the library staff – they do not know when a tech will be available to help
  • Stop a tech in the hallway. The more problem report forms are filled out, the more resources we are assigned for tech support

Please do:

  • Try to fix the problem yourself – even shutting down and rebooting works in a surprising number of cases
  • Try switching browsers if it is a website access issue. You will find PortableChrome under Start  –> All Programs
  • Test classroom tech use in advance so that there is no last minute panic when it doesn’t work as expected


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