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Global Sport Academy Group – High Performance Youth Development

Global Sport Academy Group is leading the global shift of high performance youth development. Programs in Alberta and Saskatchewan have captured the imagination of hundreds of student athletes whom are pursuing their dreams in athletics, academics and life.

Subject Areas

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world” –Ludwig Wittgenstein

English Language Arts at Carlton creates opportunities for students to engage with each other and texts to explore ideas, viewpoints and the world!  Language is power and we strive to render our students with experiences in our classrooms that prepare them to use language confidently in a variety of situations!

Students discovering a passion for Science! Through hands on activities that encourage authentic learning, students will discover, and enhance, their abilities to think critically and examine the world around them. Throughout their learning, students will explore different worldviews, in addition to developing their own, and work towards creating their own holistic understanding of the scientific nature of the world around them.

The Practical and Applied Arts Areas at Carlton Allow the students to Think, Create, and develop passion for the trade areas. The students get to work with Technically trained instructors who teach the skills and techniques required to enter trades directly out of High School. From ongoing success at Skills Canada to Direct entry Apprenticeship courses, Carlton takes skilled training in high school to a very high level. Come explore the trades at Carlton!

The Social Science Department at Carlton is like no other! Dynamic, hands-on and focused on creating critical thinkers! This department creates successful critical and creative citizens who can navigate our ever-changing world. As we move forward in this exciting globalized world, students are provided opportunities to take action in relevant and meaningful ways that give students a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to make a difference.

Envisioning the future through inspirational creative design in the visual and performing arts.

“The world of mathematics opens up a world that you never imagined when you take advantage of the possibilities it opens to you, whether it be seeing the beauty in things or opening up more lifelong opportunities.” – Unknown

Carlton’s Math department believes that everyone can be successful in Math. Each person will take their own unique journey to success. Because of this, the Math department has a variety of pathways, classes, extra help and resources to ensure success for everyone.

Visit the Math page for course outlines and online resources.

PE is Powerful Education that provides active living, skillful movement, and positive relationships on a journey towards personal health and wellness.  Come run with us, as we explore knowledge and experiences designed to challenge and engage learners to be active participants in their overall wellness plans.  “What you do today, can improve all your tomorrows.” – Ralph Marston

Carlton’s individualized pathways to success include a variety of programs for students who want to take something other than traditional programs, including:

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