[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Season Planner Checklist

Checklists – The following checklists must be handed into the Athletic Director and Athletic Administrator according to the deadlines on each list.

Coaches Checklist –  Please review throughout the season

1. Go Apps – Add the Carlton Athletics folder if GAFE: CCPHS Athletics

2. Shared Information – Share the following information with the Athletic Administrator:

Tryouts – Fall sports tryouts will be advertised in the summer letter.  Communicate your times and dates with the Athletic Director and Athletic Administrator.  The SHSAA has guidelines for start dates which must be followed.  These dates can be found in the SHSAA hand book and on the website.

Student Release Form – This form must be signed by the Athletics Administrator before handing out to your athletes.

Team roster – first and last names of each student athlete spelled correctly from Maplewood and a list of coaches.

Home Tournament Draw/Schedule – email Jasmin Folmer as well for a large print out that you can hang up at your tournament.

League & Tournament Schedules – this information will also be shared with the local media.

Home tournament award information – Discuss with the Athletics Administrator about awards

Non Faculty Coaches – must have a criminal record check (Jasmin Folmer has information regarding this), respect in sport certificate and concussion protocol course

3. Parent Meeting – Once you have selected your team it’s important that you plan a parent meeting.  Information that needs to be communicated is your team philosophy, expectations, practice, game & tournament schedules, and forms that need to be completed. Parent Meeting Agenda.  Collect all the forms that need to be signed by parents or guardians. Medical Form, Athlete’s Brochure, Student Release Form

4. Bookings – All transportation and facilities have been booked.  The officials have been booked for all home events through the appropriate avenue for your sport.  Check the Event Planner for more information.

5. Med Kits & Jerseys – Contact the Sr. Coach for uniforms & med kits.  Assigned each player a number and recorded it on your inventory document.  The athletes must sign the inventory document.  Your athletes have read and understand the $100 student fee charge for any lost jersey when they sign.  Only distribute the jerseys prior to competition and collect them after each event .  If your uniform does not include shorts, ask the athletes to wear black shorts of their own.  Make sure your ”complete set” of uniforms are returned at the completion of your season, clean and in the bin provided.  First Aid Kits – Your team should have a first aid kit with them when they travel.  As you use items be sure to restock by going back to PE office.  You must have your team’s medical information in your med kit.

Carlton Uniform Inventory

6. Locker Room Assignment – Sr. A coaches will assign lockers in the CPAC locker rooms

7. Sports Banquet and Awards –

8. Social Media – The purpose of social media is to build an inclusive culture at CCPHS.  It’s critical that all teams promote their student athletes through CCPHS social media.  Twitter posts will automatically go on our Carlton Webpage and Facebook Page.  We have instagram and snap chat accounts as well that can be utilized, talk to the Athletics Administrator for more info

9SHSAA – If you are coaching a Senior A team, you will need to do an E5 (eligibility) form.  Consult your SHSAA handbook for procedure and date.  These must be done on time.  To do the eligibility registration for your athletes you will go on the SHSAA website under the ExNet login link.  The username is Carlton and the password is In8WGo for our school.  Please see the Athletic Director or Athletic Administrator before allowing an athlete to practice or compete who came to us from another school to be sure all transfer forms are complete.

10. Team Photo – Team pictures will be scheduled by the Athletic Director at the beginning of the fall, winter & spring seasons.  Your athletes must be in their uniforms or Carlton gear for the picture.  Pictures during your season are your responsibility. You might want to have a team manager take these and possibly create a web page for your team.  Pass along these photos to teachers in charge of the yearbook.

Other Information

Equipment – Once you determine what equipment you need access to, make sure you have keys to the room(s).  For all Phys. Ed equipment rooms and change rooms you need an AA2 key.  Keys can be checked out from the main office.  If you are a basketball coach you will need a drop key for the baskets in the Red Gym which can be found in the PE offices.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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