Grad Portraits

Graduation Photographs for the Class of 2020

Were held the Week of June 8-12.

If you missed having your Grad Photo Taken, you still have the option of going to the Lifetouch Studio in Saskatoon.

BOOK ONLINE: Carlton Grad Photos – After June 12th



Portrait Day Tips

Come prepared and arrive on time! Combs, hairspray, and makeup are items that combined with a little extra time, will ensure that you look your best.  Image manipulation and digital touch-ups are expensive and are no substitute to photographing the real thing.

Facial hair, 5-o’clock shadow or a poor night’s sleep are a photographer’s nightmare. If you need to shave do so close to your sitting to ensure that your face is perfect.

Glass glare cannot be ‘removed’. If you wish to wear your glasses ensure that they are clean or if possible have the lenses removed for the day.

Remember that these are your portraits and your memories. You will only graduate from high school once and we ask that you try to enjoy the portrait experience.  If you are having a bad day and simply don’t want to have your picture taken that day please come see us and we will try to reschedule you – your eyes say more about your mood than a smile does.