Grad Portraits

Graduation Photographs for the Class of 2020

Lifetouch Photography will be photographing Carlton’s graduating students the week of April 20-24, 2020. These are the pictures that go up on our grad class wall!

BOOK ONLINE:  Online Sign Up Information

Grad portrait retakes will take place Wednesday, May 13, 2020.

Costs:  There is a $30.00 sitting fee for each graduate who wants to receive portrait proofs from which to order from.

The sitting fee can be paid online when you book your sitting or it can be paid at the time of the sitting.

Price lists and ordering information will be included with each proof package.  Graduation proofs will be returned to Carlton and can be picked up in Student Services.

Lifetouch will be supplying the cap, gown, and v-stole with Carlton’s colours, in which you will be photographed.  We also supply various props for the formal studios, though for the casual studio we encourage students to bring personal props.  Some people bring footballs, running shoes, etc.  Lifetouch does photograph grads with pets so long as Carlton Comprehensive gives permission.

Students wishing to purchase a CD containing images from the Graduation Ceremonies and the Grand March will be available for purchase on Graduation Day.   

If students do not want to order graduation portraits but still want to be included on the Grad composite board and yearbook we ask that they also be photographed.  There is no charge for this; the student will not go through the entire sitting and they will not receive any proofs and will be unable to purchase portraits from this sitting.  You must book a time for the composite board sitting.

Lifetouch Photography supplies the necessary shirts and bow ties for the cap and gown photos.  We do this for uniformity on the composite board.  For the casual pictures you are welcome to wear whatever you wish – they are your portraits, and we are simply recording the memory.  Please note that there is a full-length portrait in the photo shoot which will show your shoes.  Also included in the casual proofs is one sitting with a black background.  Please take note of this when choosing the casual attire for the portraits.

Portrait Day Tips

Come prepared and arrive on time! Combs, hairspray, and makeup are items that combined with a little extra time, will ensure that you look your best.  Image manipulation and digital touch-ups are expensive and are no substitute to photographing the real thing.

Facial hair, 5-o’clock shadow or a poor night’s sleep are a photographer’s nightmare. If you need to shave do so close to your sitting to ensure that your face is perfect.

Glass glare cannot be ‘removed’. If you wish to wear your glasses ensure that they are clean or if possible have the lenses removed for the day.

Remember that these are your portraits and your memories. You will only graduate from high school once and we ask that you try to enjoy the portrait experience.  If you are having a bad day and simply don’t want to have your picture taken that day please come see us and we will try to reschedule you – your eyes say more about your mood than a smile does.

What to Expect on Portrait Day

Arrive to your sitting a little early so that we can get information from you.

Your sitting will take most of your allotted time – we want to ensure that we capture your natural expression and certainly do not want you to feel hurried.

You will be photographed against 4 different backgrounds in several different poses resulting in 8 to 10 proofs from which to choose.