1. Supporting Professional Practice
  2. Professional Development
  3. Staff Development

Professional Development

Carlton teaching staff may apply for Professional Development activities to the P.D. Committee.

Staff Development

Opportunities for staff activities are available during the day, noon, evenings or weekends.  Planning for and acquiring funds for these activities should be co-ordinated through in-school administration.

Professional Development Leave – HOW TO APPLY

  • Staff member will complete the Application Form – Teachers
  • Once the committee has approved the P.D. you will receive an email with instructions. It is your responsibility to register and to fill out a Leave Form.
  • You have to use your PCARD to pay for registration, hotel rooms and flights.  Please keep your receipts in order to allocate and submit them with your pcard electronically. Please do not put meals on your pcard as you will be reimbursed.
  • Use the PD budget code (1-2-12-160-223-000-003-0000) when allocating your costs.
  • Upon your return from your PD, if you have any out of pocket expenses such as meals you must complete the Out of Pocket Reimbursement Form and submit to Connie Joinson.


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