[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Travel Planner Checklist

Forms – Whenever you are traveling with your team and/or taking them out of school, you need to get a release form signed by an administrator. Once you have filled in all the information you will send 2 copies home with each athlete. The parents/guardians will keep one and one will be returned to you and you will submit this to the office. The original green form should be returned to our head secretary.

Transportation – There are two options for travelling to an event that is located outside of Prince Albert, which are division vans or a school bus.  Vans are booked online through the Carlton webpage.  If there are no vans available from Carlton then you must talk to the Athletics Administrator.  Buses are booked through the Sask Rivers Website on the Transportation department webpage.  You need a PO number from the head secretary along with permission from the Athletic Administrator.  If these two options are not available talk to the Athletic Administrator.  For in town travel students are expected to find their own transportation.

Weather – If you are not comfortable travelling due road or weather conditions you do not need to travel.  If you are unsure about whether or not to travel speak with an adminstrator the morning of the event. Please review the Sask Rivers Administrative Procedure for inclement weather

Hotels/Meals – Students are responsible for the cost of the hotel rooms & meals.  Coaches must use their PCard to pay for hotels and gas.  Teachers must also use their PCards for meals. There is no reimbursement for meals purchased with your own funds (ie: canteens).


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