Welcome Carlton Alumni Where in the world are you?  What have you been doing? Our students can learn so much from your journey to where you are now!  If you are willing to share your story, what would you tell your 15 year old self?

Alumni Stories

Class of ’83

I was a member Class of ’83. Hard to believe 33 years since I roamed the halls of Carlton. Before I go on to where I’ve come to, I’d like to reminisce a little. I remember when Carlton was Prince Albert Technical HS and the massive addition which is now Carlton was under construction. that… Read more “Class of ’83”

Craig Ferchuk

Follow your passions, work hard and never stop learning

I went to Carlton in 1993 and graduated in 1996. Upon graduation I attended Carlton (again) in the morning to take Biology 30 and Automotive Mechanics, while attending the U of S in the afternoon via the Woodland campus. You see my plan at the time was to attend the U of S and major… Read more “Follow your passions, work hard and never stop learning”

Jim Szautner

Have a wonderful life

Here’s a good one for you: I was given an aptitude test in grade 12 (1978) and was told the best I could be was a Tugboat captain or a grave digger. She told me I would never amount to anything I was too slow. I failed to graduate, missing 3 classes. 10 years later… Read more “Have a wonderful life”


I owe it all to Carlton

I went to university and finished my degree, and I owe it all to Carlton Comprehensive High School. I went there in 1997 and kept going back only because Bob Lawton, the school counsellor, believed in me. I am now an Indian social worker and want to go back and work in the high school… Read more “I owe it all to Carlton”

Tala Tootoosis

Made some good life long friends

I graduated from Carlton in 2003. Since then I moved around a lot. From province to province trying to find a place to call home. Eventually I left the great country of Canada to seek out a home elsewhere. I toured across many different states in the US. Eventually coming to Billings, Montana. This is… Read more “Made some good life long friends”

Josh Elford

A Story of Resilience

The most important part of Reeda’s story is that despite every obstacle, despite every odd and challenge, she rose above everything with an inspiring calm and… Read more “A Story of Resilience”

Reeda Mae