Have a wonderful life

Here’s a good one for you: I was given an aptitude test in grade 12 (1978) and was told the best I could be was a Tugboat captain or a grave digger. She told me I would never amount to anything I was too slow. I failed to graduate, missing 3 classes. 10 years later I got my GED (Happy day for me), I returned to College, and my teacher discovered I was dyslexic and helped me with some techniques to help overcome this. I am now 53.  My husband and I have bought and sold 3 hotels and 2 liquor stores and now have a construction company. I do all the accounting for these places. So don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are slow or not able to have a great life.  Maybe you also have a learning disability; don’t wait 10 years to find out. See I was smart all along.   Have a wonderful life, I have.