Follow your passions, work hard and never stop learning

I went to Carlton in 1993 and graduated in 1996. Upon graduation I attended Carlton (again) in the morning to take Biology 30 and Automotive Mechanics, while attending the U of S in the afternoon via the Woodland campus. You see my plan at the time was to attend the U of S and major in Kinesiology with the ultimate goal of becoming a phys Ed teacher. Well even the best laid plans sometimes do not materialize as you first envisioned. After that first year of university study it was clear university was not my path for that time. I changed course and registered at SIAST in the Truck and Transport Mechanical Repair program. I love working with my hands and seeing the practical application of my learning. The SIAST program offered this opportunity. I graduated from SIAST and began my apprenticeship becoming a Journeyman Truck and Transport Technician, with Red Seal designation, in 2001. During my career as a technician my passion for being an educator never faded and in 2007 I became a truck engine instructor for the largest Caterpillar dealer in the world. I continued to supplement my technical education with formal education and graduated from the University of Alberta with a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education. Then in 2009 I felt the need to give back to my roots, apprenticeship, and I became the Academic Chair for the Heavy Equipment Technician program at SAIT which is the same position I hold today. Through my journey I have remained a life long learner and am pursuing my M.Ed from the University of Calgary, from which I will graduate in June 2014. I owe a lot of my success today to influential people I had in my life while attending CCHS. Namely my football coach Jim ‘Mac’ Maclachlan and mechanics instructor Henry ‘Hank’ Osowski. Mac taught me the work ethic required to succeed and Hank taught me how to become a life long learner. Neither of these objectives were part of the formal learning outcomes in the formal curriculum, however their rich lessons still resonate with me today. My message to students today is three fold: follow your passions, work hard and never stop learning. To Mac and Hank my message is very simple, thank you!