Cap & Gown Ceremony

Graduation 2021

We want to thank you for your patience as we work through the restrictions that have been put in place by the Government of Saskatchewan in regards to Graduation ceremonies in schools.  We are going to move forward with a face to face graduation that falls in line with the category of Drive-Thru/Drive In outlined in the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan’s Graduation Guidelines website.     You will find some preliminary details in regards to the event and how it will operate in the Ceremony Proceedings below.

Dress Code

Grads are encouraged to wear Graduation ceremony appropriate clothing.

There will not be a Cap and Gown provided.

Ceremony Proceedings

The event will be a Drive Thru event where students will be gathered and organized in the Art Hauser Parking Lot. Certain letters of the alphabet will be assigned a specific time for their drive through portion. (IE: A-C from 9-10, D-F from 10-11, etc.). This structure will be far clearer in the weeks ahead as the grad list gets closer to being finalized. We will make sure to communicate the specifics of which last name will be included at the assigned time in the next couple of weeks. Upon arrival at the AHC parking lot, a clearly outlined flow of vehicles will be led to a graduation check in tent. During the check in, graduates names will be documented to ensure accuracy and flow when the graduate arrives at the front steps for their diploma. Graduate vehicles will then be guided on to 6th avenue and then turn in to the front of the school. The Graduate vehicle will be met with one of our staff near the front of the school. Once out of the vehicle the graduate will be guided up the front steps on a red carpet to a tent that will be decorated with flowers, lights etc. As the graduate walks up the red carpet, a special staff member, selected by the Grad, will read their name, what their future plans are and a favorite memory of Carlton in a pre-recorded message. This information will be gathered in the google link below. Once the graduate receives their diploma they exit down the ramp and to their vehicle. They will then be guided to turn right on to 28th street.  For this event to occur there are some very clear guidelines that will need to be followed as indicated in the Graduation Guidelines link provided above. Here are those guidelines:

One graduate per vehicle (Please connect with us in regards to special circumstances ie: Siblings both graduating)In the AHC, please do not leave your vehicles.

Upon arrival for the diploma, Parents have to stay within once meter distancing of the vehicle.

We have made arrangements for photos of each graduate receiving their diploma. These photos will be made available to each of you at no charge.

The event will be live streamed on our Social Media Avenues. Please indicate on the form provided below that you approve of your graduate being streamed for graduation.

There will not be any gatherings at the school site other than to get organized for the Drive Thru portion.


We will send further communication out in the coming weeks with specifics about when each graduate is to arrive at the AHC.

Selection of Awards

Selection of Entertainment