Cap & Gown Ceremony

During this ceremony each Graduand is introduced and appears independently on the stage to receive his or her grad diploma.  Immediately following the Cap and Gown Ceremony, students will have the opportunity to socialize with family and friends. Before grads leave the Art Hauser Centre, they must return their gowns to the designated area. Special arrangements can be made with the secretary in Student Services by calling (306) 922-3115, extension 222. Students must return their gown and red v-stole to the lobby before leaving the Art Hauser Centre.

Dress Code

Graduands are expected to wear semi-formal clothing under their graduation gown (no blue jeans).  A reminder there is a full-length still picture being taken, so pay attention to your footwear as it will be in the picture.

General Information About Your Gown and Stole

  • Each graduand will receive a black gown, red stole, black memento cap and red tassel
  • Gowns are ordered according to the height of each graduate with shoes on.

How To Wear Your Gown and Stole:

  • Seams on the stole should sit on top of your shoulders
  • Memento caps and tassels – tassel hangs down the left side of a grad’s head
  • Grads should move the tassel to the right side after receiving their diploma
  • Students have purchased only the memento cap and tassel. The gown and stole are rented and must be returned before they leave the Art Hauser Centre, following the Reception Tea.

Ceremony Proceedings

Teaching staff will provide students with instructions.

  • Grads will be presented in three groups during the ceremony.
  • Grads will be given a card with their name on it; keep that card with you.
  • When directed, each Grad will then move onto the stage, hand his/her name card to one of the Vice-Principals, step to the centre of the stage (area marked by masking tape in form of a rectangle), where they will shake hands with the Principal, receive their diploma and pause for their picture.
  • A photographer will take a picture of each Grad while the diploma is being presented. Grads must pause for three to five seconds while shaking hands. Remember to smile!
  • Grads will then return to their seats. (Please check the name on your diploma – if there is an error please contact the office during the week following Grad).

Helpful Hint:

  • Do not bring anything with you during this part of the program. If you have belongings with you, leave them on your seat when going on stage.


Selection of Speakers and Awards

Application for Graduation Speeches

 Criteria for Valedictorian

Beginning in 2015-16, the Valedictorian will be selected based on  the average  of the top 20 credits from grade 10, 11 & 12 calculated at the end of the grade 12 semester 1 in their graduating year.

Criteria for the Governor General’s Award

The Governor General’s Award criteria is established by the Federal Government.    The Governor General’s Award winner will be presented with the Medal at the Graduation Ceremony.

Criteria for the Thanks for the Memories Speeches & Toasts

These students will be selected by the Grade 12 class to speak during the Graduation Ceremony about the special moments of high school life at Carlton.  The selection will be based on their involvement in school activities throughout their high school careers.

Specifically the criteria will include:

  1. a member of the graduation class
  2. dedicated to personal excellence
  3. displays leadership qualities
  4. a Carlton ambassador by participating in co-curricular/extracurricular activities
  5. promotes Carlton as a great school
  6. supportive of the rules of the school.

Students interested in being considered must complete an application form that will provide the following information:

  1. their involvement in school activities
  2. five signatures from Grade 12 students
  3. a rationale for the nomination as it relates specifically to the criteria
  4. a signature from a staff member indicating that the teacher will assist in the preparation of the speech.

Grade 12 students will vote for candidates based on a short list of applicants.

The candidates with the highest number of votes will be the Thanks for the Memories speakers.  Students with the next highest votes will fill the other roles.

Application for Graduation Speeches

Selection of Entertainment

Any graduate that is interested in performing during the Cap and Gown Ceremony should contact Ms. Bernath.  In the past we’ve had musicians, dancers and singers perform.  There will be auditions in the band room for those wishing to try out.  Listen to announcements for further details.  All performers will wear grad gowns at the audition to ensure that you’ll be able to wear your gown during the ceremony (exceptions are dancers).