Underwater Basket Weaving 20

Underwater Basket Weaving 20 builds on the skills and techniques you learned in UBW10. While UBW10 focused on the basics of weaving, and the underwater portion was limited to soaking your materials for pliancy, in UBW20, we will be exploring full immersion underwater weaving experiences throughout the semester. Please be advised that knowledge of swimming is a must. We will be covering SCUBA basics, but students must already know how to swim.

Under-Water Basket Weaving can allow you to pursue careers such as:

  • Aquatic Arts and Crafts Instructor
  • Aquatic Basket Engineer

Remember, we are looking for Skills Canada Saskatchewan competitors in this area, so if you are interested, please speak to your teacher.

Pool-based Basket Weaving Demonstration

Advanced Open-water Basket Weaving