Computer Science 20

Core Concepts Programming Basics Student Directed Research
  • In this section of the course we will take a look at the technologies behind how computers and the Internet work.
  • How do the hardware pieces of a computer fit together?
  • What Computer Science related careers are available?
  • We’ll use old computers to tear down and learn about, examining the ways in which the Internet and computers communicate, and learning about digital citizenship and what computer best suits a particular need.
  • In this part of the course we’ll focus on using computer languages, like JAVA or JAVAScript, to write programs that demonstrate programming basics.
  • This series of outcomes will prepare you for Computer Science 30.
  • We’ll focus on learning a language and then using that language to perform basic tasks.
  • If that looks daunting, don’t worry, it’s all step by step so you learn at your own pace.
  • The student directed research is to create a project that you are interested, and want to show evidence of growth, in.
  • The area of study, assessment, and how to demonstrate what you have learned will be created by you and the teacher so you get the most out of creating the project and are assessed on areas that are important to you.

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